Connecting businesses with local products and services, shortening supply chains and spending in our own backyard first. 

Business NSW Northern Rivers is excited to share our most recent initiative, aimed at reducing business spending in places outside of the region and expects to see a multimillion dollar return if we do more business trading within the Northern Rivers.

We have created a free, easy to use App – Bigger Backyard Northern Rivers is for all business types; Start-ups, micro, home-based, small, medium sized and  large businesses based in the Northern Rivers. We invite you to join the Bigger Backyard community and help to create the largest directory of businesses in the region, all dedicated doing business together for a Stronger Northern Rivers.

The aim is to connect businesses with local products and services, shorten supply chains and promote spending in our own backyard first.

“We get so frustrated to see our business dollars going outside of the region when we have great products, services and suppliers right here in our own Northern Rivers backyard.” Says Regional Director for Business NSW, Jane Laverty.

“If you think about what you spend on the office basics like stationery or raw materials for manufacturing through to business and professional services and trades procurement, business spending adds up.  We have large businesses such as The Casino Food Coop, Norco, Southern Cross University, Summerland Credit Union and many others committing to using the App to increase their local product and services procurement. This means it is a great opportunity for all small to medium enterprises to win new work just by being in Bigger Backyard Northern Rivers. We think it is an easy shift to a local supplier, but if you can’t find what you are looking for we want to know, so that we can either encourage that inclusion in the app or go about attracting new businesses into the area who provide that service.”  Says Mrs Laverty.

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Commit to moving one business purchase from outside the Northern Rivers to a business within the region.

It’s big impact, it’s simple and free!