Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to Join the LCCI?

In a nutshell, any company, firm or person actively engaged in business or a profession or if you’re a director or executive officer of a public institution connected with commerce or industry you’re eligible to join provided you have lodged a BAS Statement or tax return with the ATO in the financial year preceding your application. We DON’T need to know the details! Individuals who do not operate a business are not eligible for membership.

We do ask for your ABN (without one, you can’t operate a business) so this needs to be current.

How do I join?

Step 1: Choose your membership level here, then click through to fill out the membership application form.

Step 2: Your nomination will be forwarded to the Board for approval which usually only takes a few days. If there are any questions, we’ll be in touch!

Step 3: We’ll send you an invoice for your membership fee which you’ll need to pay this within within 28 days for your membership to become active.