Use of the LCCI Logo

General Guidelines

The Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) logo and any marks associated with the LCCI are the property of the LCCI.

Use of the LCCI logo is a benefit of membership and is restricted to LCCI members in good standing; members may use the logo on website, stationery, business cards, and in advertising to indicate LCCI membership. Members wishing to use the LCCI logo must agree to our terms and conditions prior to use.

The logo may not be used to state or imply that the LCCI has endorsed a company or a company’s products and services. Members may not place the logo on their products without consent from LCCI.

No alteration of the LCCI logo is allowed. The logo may not be taken apart. It may not be combined with other design elements. It may not be changed in colour, font, size, or otherwise modified from the versions supplied by LCCI.

Style Guidelines

Consistent and proper usage of the LCCI logo will reinforce LCCI’s branding efforts. The LCCI logo consists of the logo mark, and logo type. These elements should never be used separately.

Clear space

A minimum clear space has been established so that the logo will never have to compete visually with other graphic elements. This clear space should beat least 20 pixels (or 25 mm) on all sides.

Logo Size

The logo should always be large enough to ensure legibility. Two variations will be provided:

  • Stacked (minimum size 200px x 140px)
  • Landscape (minimum size 200px x 100px)

The LCCI logo is provided in the following colours:

  • one-colour black;
  • one-colour red; (web #cc3333; RGB 204 51 51)
  • four-color CMYK ; and
  • white.

Depending on application and background colour, a black or white logo can be used when the logo is placed over a solid colour or image.

Unacceptable Applications

Do not alter in any way the electronic logo artwork either in proportion or colour. Special attention should also be paid when placing the logo on a solid background, and it should never be placed on a busy/patterned background image.

Please do not:

  • outline the logo.
  • use unapproved colours in the logo.
  • combine colours in the logo.
  • modify or recreate the provided logo artwork.
  • use the logo mark by itself.
  • create patterns or backgrounds with the logo mark.
  • place the logo on a busy background.

Authorised: LCCI Board 20 April 2016

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