LCCI Member Tess Dellagiacoma

Time in Business: 2 Years
Your inspiration/motivation:
I’m motivated to help reduce interpersonal conflict by using my nursing skills and legal knowledge. I became a solicitor because I’m motivated by a sense of social justice. That grew out of my experience as a nurse.

Biggest business goal for next 12 months:
Mediating with more parents who are having trouble working out their parenting arrangements. That’s my core business.

Most known for:
My work in health care and community services. I’ve been a consultant in the health sector since 2001.


Something unknown:
I’m a Bartercard member, so I can provide services for trade dollars.

A real challenge for your business:
Competing with government funded mediation services. I provide a much faster and more customised service that is well worth the extra cost. I don’t think people know there’s a big difference between private mediators and the government funded services.

Top business tip:
If you have a dispute, don’t start the court process before you try mediation.   It’s so much cheaper, less stressful and you have control over the outcome.


Special Offer for LCCI Members

Free consultation about how mediation services can resolve problems between your ex partner, your employees, your neighbour or anyone else you have a dispute with and you want to save money by not going to court.
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