2017 Lismore Property Managers Business Excellence Awards

2017 Entries Open!

Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce the annual Lismore Business Excellence Awards which will held on Saturday 15 July, 2017. 

Lismore Business Excellence Awards are a gala event that celebrate and recognises the substantial contribution to the City of Lismore by the business community.

This year we are excited to launch a reinvigorated business awards program that will celebrate the resilience of the Lismore Business community. These awards would not be possible without the highly-valued contribution of our Sponsors.

Applications are now open in the following categories:

  1. Visitor Experience (Tourism & Hospitality)
  2. Retail
  3. Professional Services (including employment services)
  4. Trade, Construction, Manufacturing & Innovation
  5. Home Based or Online
  6. Health Services (including Aged Care, Health & Wellbeing)
  7. Start Up Superstar
  8. Young Business Executive
  9. Excellence in Small Business
  10. Excellence in Social Enterprise
  11. Employer of Choice
  12. Entrepreneur

*All entrants will be automatically entered into the following categories:

  • Workplace Safety (winner proceeds through to 2018 SafeWork NSW awards).
  • Business of the Year

*Applications for the publicly nominated People’s Choice Award will open shortly

Additional information for WHS question

Describe your business’s commitment to workplace health and safety?

Considerations and required supporting documents that you may wish to include:

  • WHS reporting and consultation (minutes of meetings where WHS was discussed, hazard identification and reports, incident reports, etc)
  • testimonials and/or acknowledgements from clients, contractors, etc.
  • any WHS performance data that indicates a reduction in claims or injuries since the WHS solution was implemented.
  • any other evidence to support your entry.
  • Images / videos to support your entry (photos of business operations)

Entries close 5pm, Friday 16 June








Restart the Heart
Tips for Writing a Winning Business Awards Entry

A business award is a publicity goldmine for the lucky winners, with many reaping benefits such as publicity, interest from potential business partners and more customers. So how do you go about winning?

Winning a local business award depends 100% on the quality of your written entry. There is no opportunity to build rapport beforehand. You won’t have any idea who the judges are. Your competitors will be businesses that may vary greatly to yours, each with their own, unique story to tell.

We have compiled the following top tips from a number of different resources to give you the best chance to be a successful award winning business.

Be yourself. Judges are looking for great businesses, but they’re also looking for the human stories behind them. Be open about your failures as well as your successes and show how you’ve learned from the challenges you’ve faced. Write like you’re writing to just one person and use your natural tone of voice.

Find the uniqueness and value in what you do. Don’t just talk about how you do it. Long laundry lists and detailed descriptions of business processes are prime nod-off material for judges.

Don’t make stuff up if it doesn’t actually happen. A long, theoretical answer is a dead giveaway that you’re thinking about something but not actually doing it. Minimise the theory and use real examples to illustrate your claims.

Respect the judges’ time and rules. The judges are assessing your entry within a predetermined framework, which means you need to answer all the questions thoroughly, not just the ones where you think your answers will be strongest.

Answer every question a blank question equals zero for that question. The difference between being a finalist and not is a matter of points so when you forget to complete a question, you’re guaranteeing that you will not only fail to win, but fail to be considered as a finalist.

Read the Question, Answer the Question for judges, it is arduous to read submissions that veer off the point or do not answer every part of the question. If there are a number of components to a question, you can be guaranteed you need to answer each of these to score maximum points allocated to that question

Easy to Read/Follow Lay out your answer clearly. Write in clear sentences. Make sure you proof read it, and review it with a critical eye.

Don’t use Jargon You understand all the ins and outs of your industry, but the judges may not. Speak in plain English. Let your passion flood out. If you can use less words, use less words. As few as possible. Judges have lots to read, make sure your best points come out clearly, so they are not missed.

Involve your staff Invite relevant members of your staff to help you with the submission. Writing the piece actually makes you all look back collectively at what you’ve achieved, where you are going and think about what you want to do. This is a good process in itself, irrespective whether you win or not. And take them along to the gala dinner where the winners are announced.

Be Yourself Be human. Explain some of your mistakes, and what you learned from them. What you would have done different. Talk about your biggest wins, where you took a risk, planned your action, and went for it. Explain why you’re in business. I doubt it’s “to make money”, there’s a deeper reason. T

Enjoy it! Awards should be fun. Make the submission sing, and enjoy the night. You never know, you might just walk away with a gong. And if not, no worries, come back next year, or choose another one.






Why enter a local business awards program?

Applying for business awards is a great process that allows you to involve your team in understanding and celebrating what makes your business truly special.
Winning awards helps you connect with other like-minded business people, and creates new opportunities
Boosting the pride and motivation of existing employees by acknowledging their effort and contribution to your business
Winning awards helps you connect with other like-minded business people, and creates new opportunities.
Reflecting on the goals, strategies and vision that led to the success of the business and using those insights to drive even greater success in the future
Making networking connections that can advance the business, build its profile and present opportunities to pursue new ventures
Local and regional recognition as one of our cities best local businesses
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