Join the LCCI

Joining the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry connects you to a vibrant business community in 2480!

Who is eligible to Join the LCCI?

Any company, firm or person actively engaged in business or a profession or if you’re a director or executive officer of a public institution connected with commerce or industry you’re eligible to join provided you have lodged a BAS Statement or tax return with the ATO in the financial year preceding your application. We DON’T need to know the details, but we do ask for your ABN (without one, you can’t operate a business) so this needs to be current.

Individuals who do not operate a business are not eligible for membership.

How do I join?

Step 1: Fill out the membership application form!

Step 2: Your nomination will be forwarded to the Board for approval. Generally this only takes a week or so. If there are any questions, we’ll be in touch!

Step 3: We will send you an invoice … and you’ll need to pay this within within 28 days for your membership to become active.

How much does it cost?

Membership fees are invoiced annually and are based on the size of your business. The first three moths are free!!

  • Small Business .. .. .. .. 1-3 Employees .. .. .. $110*
  • Medium Business . .. .. 4-10 Employees .. .. $220*
  • Large Business .. .. .. .. 11+ Employees . .. .. $330*

Your membership fee gives you access to a range of member-only benefits through an associate membership with the NSW Business Chamber. So, if you own a business of any size, we’d love to welcome you to our community.

*including GST

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