Celestine Fedley is a Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry member running Inner Knowing Health and Wellness in Lismore. She combines her knowledge of nutrition, positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness and wellness coaching to have built a business that she is truly passionate about. “I love being able to help people gain confidence in their ability to establish healthier lifestyle habits, create life balance and lead happier, more energy filled life!!!


What does it mean to be mindful at work and why is it so important? Being mindful simply means being fully present instead of slipping into autopilot.

Being mindful is not only important in your everyday life but also at work. It is so easy to lose yourself in this busy, stressful and hyper connected world.

I would love to share with you these easy tips on how to be more mindful at work. The more present you are the more you are able to enjoy life and enjoy your job instead of “just getting stuff done”.

Schedule Your Time Mindfully

Taking the time to plan mindfully will improve how productive you are.

Spend every morning a few minutes to plan your day instead of just letting things happen. What things do you have to finish by the end of the day, what tasks are on your to-do list? When do you have time for lunch and how can you turn your lunch break into a stress-free and energizing time out? The more mindful you are about the things you need to work on every day the more productive you are and the better your work will be.

Be mindful about stress

Being in the present moment allows you think about why you are stressed and what you can do to change it.

The more mindful you are about how you feel the easier it is to prevent burnouts, being stressed out or frustrated. As soon as you realise that you are overworked you have the choice to either suppress this feeling or be mindful about it and counteract. When you are in the present moment you have the chance to think about why you are stressed and what you can do to change this. If you are on autopilot you may not even realise first signs of stress and therefor are not able to manage it which can have a lot of negative effects not only on your work but also on your health.

Meditate at work

You don´t need a mat or to sit on the floor for an hour to meditate. You can incorporate mediation into your everyday and work life easier than you can imagine. You can meditate while you are walking to your next meeting, you can close your eyes and focus on your breath while a program on your computer is loading or when you are standing by the copy machine. Basically, you can turn any waiting time into meditation time or simply being mindful – which means being in the present moment.

Spend your lunch break mindfully

Eating mindfully is a game changer

Instead of eating your lunch while working on your computer, checking your social media accounts or talking about the next meeting with your co-worker enjoy your lunch mindfully. Eating mindfully is a game changer. It stops you from overeating, it enables you to actually taste what you are eating and it is another form of meditation. Don´t eat on your desk, sit somewhere quiet without distraction and where you feel comfortable and enjoy every bite of your lunch. You will realise when you are full, that way you won´t feel tired afterwards and therefore you can work better in the afternoon.

It’s ok to say no!

Being mindful at work also means to learn to say no. Instead of just let things happen to you or let others decide what you should do, listen to yourself and be mindful about your feelings, your boundaries and what you are able to do, want to do or sometimes don´t want to do.

It is so important to learn to say no to others and to speak up for yourself. Only when you are mindful and in the present moment you are able listen to what your gut is telling you. And if you really don´t want to do something then speak up for you, even if your co-workers don´t like the fact that you don´t want to join them for drinks after work.

To find out more email me at wellness@celestinefedley.com or call me Celestine Fedley on 0415429276.

I’m more than happy to have a FREE 20-minute chat about ways to easily incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your everyday activities.

I also run meditation and mindfulness classes here in Lismore. If you are interested, I record all my meditations and upload them to INSIGHT TIMER for FREE so you can try them out before committing to a class.

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