Today the State and Federal Governments have announced additional disaster recovery assistance for small businesses and non-profit organisations severely affected by the North Coast floods.

The Category C assistance is being provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). Eligible small businesses and non-profit organisations can access grants of up to $15,000 to assist with their clean-up and recovery costs.

It is also worth noting that Category C grants are not announced for every natural disaster. They are not automatically given when a Council area is declared a natural disaster. This was only possible through the joint effort of Federal Member Kevin Hogan MP, Member for Lismore The Hon Thomas George MP, State Recovery Coordinator Euan Ferguson, Lismore City Council, Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry & local businesses who provided the vital information needed to make this application successful.


Q1. Who is eligible?

Small Businesses in specified areas in the local government areas of Lismore and Tweed Shire who have suffered direct damage as a result of the March 2017 NSW North Coast floods.

Q2. What is the grant for?

The assist with clean-up and immediate restoration costs as a result of the floods.

Q3. Do I need to keep receipts?

Yes. Payment of any assistance can only occur if a tax invoice or receipt, dated after the date of the flood event, for damages incurred is produced.

Q5. Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible small businesses which:

  • have less than 20 full time (or equivalent) employees; and
  • are a registered business, partnership or sole trader; and
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN); and
  • have suffered direct damage to their premises and/or tools of trade (e.g. equipment/plant) as a result of the March 2017 NSW North Coast floods and the cost of essential repair or replacement are the applicant’s responsibility; and
  • were conducting business prior to and including the date of the event, or are business enterprises in the development phase (e.g. premises being prepared but trading had not yet commenced); and are intending to re-establish the business enterprise; and derive the majority (more than 50%) of their individual gross income from the business enterprise.

Q6. Can a company or incorporated body apply?

Yes, unless it is;

  • Part of a national chain or company, or
  • A public company

Q7. Do people have to complete all their expenditure before they apply in one application?

Multiple claims can be made – but the total of all claims for an individual must not exceed $15,000.

Q8. Does the damage include storm damage or just flood damage?

It covers all direct damage as a result of the March 2017 NSW North Coast floods.

Q9. How do I know if my business is covered?

Your business must be located in a specified area that is eligible for grant assistance, that is:

  • Lismore LGA – Localities: Lismore, East Lismore, North Lismore, South Lismore, Girards Hill
  • Tweed Shire LGA – Localities: Bray Park, Condong
  • Murwillumbah, South Murwillumbah

Q10. When is the cut-off date for lodging applications?

Your application must be received by the Authority no later than 13 OCTOBER 2017

Q11. Does the grant cover loss of income or trade as a result of the floods?


Q12. What is covered?

  • Cost of clean-up and restoration costs
  • Cost of relocation to temporary premises where immediate re-opening of damaged premises are not possible
  • Damage to plant/equipment
  • Replacement of damaged/spoiled stock

Q13. What is NOT covered?

  • damage to dwellings
  • damages covered by insurance
  • cost of using your own labour, your existing staff or your own equipment.
  • loss of income/trade
  • all capital items purchased after the flood

Q14. The requirement for 50% of income to be derived from the small business – how is this calculated?

This is based on the latest copies of business taxation returns and personal taxation returns of all owners of the business. The proportion is calculated on gross income from all sources.

Q15. How quickly will applications be progressed?

The aim is for a two-week turnaround including the receipt of payments.

Q16. Can I get approval before undertaking the works?

An application can be lodged with a quote or estimate of the cost before undertaking the works. In this instance, the Authority will assess general eligibility and advise of an approval in principle. Payment will only occur on production of tax invoices or receipts which must be received prior to 13 OCTOBER 2017

Q17. How do I apply?

Ring 1800 678 593 or visit the website relief/grants-information- and-application- forms/north-coast- floods-small- business for an application form or advice. Completed applications including required documentation can be lodged with the NSW Rural Assistance Authority at: Post: Locked Bag 23, ORANGE NSW 2800 Email: Fax: (02) 6391 3098


Recovering from the floods and ready to take the next steps for your business? This free seminar will cover:

  • Applying for Category C funding
  • Accessing funding and loans
  • Navigating cashflow

Date Thursday 20 April 2017

Time 7am – 8.30am

Venue Lismore Workers Club, 231 Keen Street, Lismore

Contact 0448 833 806

Register at:


More information from the NSW Department of Industry is available here

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