Wrightway is a family owned Australian business which came into being initially to market its own invention, theLid Lifta®, a foot pedal which opens and closes the lid on a wheelie bin used in industrial settings. In 1996 there was no perceived need for such a device, but Wrightway had both the foresight and determination to introduce this innovation to facilitate the hygienic use of wheelie bins within situations in which food is handled or where cross contamination of pathogens are a risk.

The Lid Lifta® bin has since been widely accepted and is now utilised throughout Australia by supermarkets such as Woolworths, aged-care facilities including RSL Care, hospitals, factories, abattoirs, fishing co-ops etc; anywhere hygiene is paramount. From humble beginnings and acceptance of high quality products and service, Wrightway has been asked to address other problems related to waste and has developed its own unique solutions including the wrightway2MT® bin-tipper, the Wrightway Bin® and a range of other products which have addressed specific problems such as a locking device for use on bins used by the Australian army in field hospitals.

We see ourselves as innovators and problem solvers and are known and respected within industry as such and we look forward to seeing you at our factory on 26th July.