Our members make the organisation, and we’d love to get to know you … and to share the joy of you and your business to the wider business community, so we’re asking if you’d answer these 10 questions. It really won’t take long, and we’d love to shine the spotlight on you and your business.

Once you hit ‘click to send’, we’ll give your post the quick once over, and then link from your member directory listing. If there’s any queries, we’ll be in touch.

Remember that this spotlight works in tandem with your directory listing which is why we’ve not asked you about employees, business size, location, etc – all of that should be on your profile but if it needs updating, please let us know!

We’ll be shouting out for guest bloggers very soon too, so if you have an area of expertise you’d like to share, either contact us or alternatively, keep an eye out for info in a forthcoming newsletter.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.