Business After Hours

Where else can you get 100+ potential customers together at one time in a relaxed social environment and still talk shop? BAH networking functions puts you in touch with like-minded people who want to build their business. 

Networking the Business Lismore way does not involve sales pitches or business cards being thrust in your face. It is about making authentic connections and finding out how you can help one another.

BAH is hosted by a different member business on the 4th Wednesday each month. If you would like to host BAH, you can download a copy of the all important info, or contact us!

Members and their guests must RSVP to attend and members are advised by email about the next event. If you’re not a member (and possibly don’t know anyone who is), but would like to attend BAH, please get in touch – we’d love to introduce you to our members.

Meet us at the BAH - information for hosts

Host Requirements

Membership. Yes, you do need to be a member of Business Lismore to host Business After Hours.

A blurb. We will need a paragraph or two about your business, venue, etc, which we can use in the invitation.

A nomimated speaker, ie the person who will have 10 minutes or so to speak with the attendees. You can certainly have more than one person, but be mindful of time!

Marketing material. Certainly not required, but you can provide attendees with a brochure, cards, or other marketing materials (often in the form of a goodie bag depending on what you do) to attendees. Please be mindful about what you may choose to hand out – lots of paper may end up in the bin, but a concise and stand-out brochure with clear links to your website or social media channels may be more effective. This can also be added to our website post-event.

Venue. Can be in your office, or external venue. Pre 2020/pandemic, between 80-120 people would attend BAH. Current numbers would be more likely to be around 40-50 but this is as much to do with being conscious of budget as well as attendee numbers. We are working on increasing these numbers as restrictions ease, and people are more comfortable in larger groups. Whatever venue you choose, please be aware of any restrictions (if any) that are current, and work with the venue directly as they will have the most up to date information.

Entrance Table. For name tags, attendee list and whatever else is required to check people into the event.

  • Container/Box to place Business Cards into. You will receive these at the end of the night, but they are primarily used to select the lucky door prize winner!
  • Lucky Door Prize. The host business provides a sample of their goods/service. If you are going to buy or obtain a lucky door prize from another business, please try to support a fellow member business.

Refreshments. It is entirely your choice regarding what refreshments you choose to provide. Generally though, wine and beer are popular choices, along with non-alcoholic beverages, water, soda, juice etc. Finger Food to be provided (best practice when serving alcohol! Staff are required by the host business on the night to serve drinks and snacks. Reps from the Chamber Board will certainly be in attendance and will generally assist. We would suggest two people are needed for the bar. Please be mindful of any legal requirements with regard to serving alcohol. 

Support from Business Lismore

Setup Eventbrite event and email invitation to all members and non-members. Ideally this will be done one month prior.

  • 4 weeks out, all information received and invitation set up; invitation sent in place of the regular Thursday eNews
  • 3 weeks out, information included in regular Thursday eNews and first specific post on socials, tagging host business and encouraging members to register
  • 2 weeks out, second post on socials (as above)
  • 1 week out, last and final call for registrations at which point daily updates are provided to host business to assist with catering. Final numbers are confirmed the Friday before to allow time to prepare name tags, finalise catering and other logistics.

Setup of Marketing of the BAH event and Host Business on social media.

Administration of RSVP’s

Name Tags, Attendee List

Support to Host Business as needed.

Typical Schedule for the event

5:00pm Host Business sets up finger food, wine and flyers/brochures. The Business Lismore representatives will arrive with name tags and attendee List.

5:15pm Business Lismore Board Members arrive.

5:30pm Members start arriving. The host and Business Lismore President, welcome each member. Business Lismore Board Members ticks off member and obtains name tag. Members are offered or pointed in direction of finger food, beverages and opportunity to socialise, network in a comfortable and non-threating environment.

6:00pm Business Lismore President deliverers welcome to country and acknowledges indigenous attendees, welcomes everyone and introduction of new members. Update on any key issues if relevant and information on upcoming events and introduces the host.

6:05pm Host then has 15-20mins to showcase their Business to members.

6:20pm Business Lismore President thanks the Host. Members continue networking and socialising.

7:00pm End

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